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My New Favorite Healthcare App!

Usually I hate advertisements, quickly clicking the close button without giving them the time of day. However, I actually found my new favorite iPhone app through an advertisement on Facebook.

I highly recommend anyone interested in healthcare to download the app “Figure 1”. It’s essentially a social network to share healthcare related images amongst healthcare professionals. You can even create an account on the Figure 1 website if you don’t want to add the app to your phone.

Be sure to check it out!

Figure 1 Website


Foreign Language Website/App Review: Duolingo = EXCELLENT!

Alright, so I feel like I have to post about a foreign language app you can download, which has an interactive website as well. It’s called Duolingo and I was first introduced to this gem in the iTunes stores. I’ve always had an interest in Spanish so I created an account and decided to give this app a shot. If I had to describe my feelings towards it in a single word, I think I’d keep it simple and go with “excellent”!

  1. First and most importantly, the app works. Obviously this is the most important aspect of any foreign language software. According to the Duolingo website, they have evidence that 32 hours of their program is equivalent to an entire semester of taking a Spanish class. Although I can’t validate this and it could obviously be statistical propaganda, it definitely is a worthwhile program.
  2. A major selling point for me and I’m sure many other users is that this application is completely FREE! Even better news is you shouldn’t expect that to change. The website explicitly discusses how it’s currently free and will always be free… forever!
  3. A third huge selling point for this application is the social aspect. You can invite friends from Facebook and/or Twitter and compete with each other in learning a language. Each lesson you complete gives points based on how well you did. Anyone you’re friends with through the Duolingo program can follow your progress and vice versa. There is even a leaderboard where you can see who amongst you is #1. Who doesn’t love some friendly competition to make things a little more intriguing? One of the hardest parts of learning a foreign language in my opinion is persistence, and the social aspect of this program will make you more determined to keep up the hard work.

I’ve only had this app for 2 days now, but I already am in love with it. Anyone with an interest in learning a foreign language should give it a shot. Honestly, you have no reason not to give it a try. It’s completely free so if you somehow don’t like it, a quick delete and you can act like it never existed. Try it out!

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