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New Podcast Episode – Introduction to Heart Sounds

Check out the latest episode of the Medical Minded Podcast that provides an introduction to heart sounds!

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A New Way to Look at Obesity – AMA Innovations in Medicine

Take a look at this phenomenal presentation by Fatima Cody Standford, MD, MPH about her approach to patients struggling with obesity.

Ultimately, each and every one of us is an individual, and what works for one person may not work for another. Patients should be approached with this concept in mind to develop a treatment that fits their individuality. Dr. Standford gives personal accounts of treating patients, emphasizing the detriment our personal bias can have on patient outcome. Unfortunately, obesity is a life-threatening condition, made evident by multiple stories discussed in this short video. There is something to be learned for everyone in this eye-opening talk.

Webinar: Getting Into Med School With Low Stats

The website Accepted.com is a great resource for anyone looking to get into a graduate program. As you can see from the medicalminded.com home page, I was featured on their “Accepted Admissions Blog”. They are hosting a greater webinar opportunity for medical school applicants, so be sure to check it out!


Can You Get into Med School with Low Stats?

You are invited to attend Accepted.com’s upcoming webinar, How to Get into Medical School with Low Stats, a MUST-ATTEND event if you’re applying to med school with low GPA/MCAT scores!

Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Time: 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET

Register now to learn important strategies that will help you get into med school, even with low test scores or grades.

Don’t let you your low stats keep you from pursuing your medical dreams!

Quote of the Day

“It’s far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.” – Hippocrates

122 Pathognomonic Signs

Pathognomonic: distinctively characteristic of a particular disease.

Pathognomonic signs are crucial to diagnosis! They will make your life much easier and are especially helpful when completing test questions.

Here is a video of 122 pathognomonic signs:

Medical Humor – Viruses & Antibiotics


A little medical humor thanks to a classmate of mine. Happy hump day!

Excellent Resource – CDC Public Health Image Library (PHIL)

I recently stumbled upon the CDC Public Health Image Library (PHIL) and thought it would be an excellent resource to share with others. I’ll be adding it to the growing list of recommended websites for this blog as well.

Basically, you can use keywords to search through their image database and you’ll find a lot of pictures related to your criteria. It’s a very useful resource for anyone completing a presentation, research, etc. It’s also really nice to just look through images of stuff you’re learning about. For example, we covered tuberculosis today and a quick search yields pages and pages of pictures of cultures, X-rays, slides, lesions etc. It could be especially beneficial for any visual learners out there! Give it a try!

If You’re Involved With Medicine, Go Here!! – Meducation.net


I’m always on the lookout for medical resources. Honestly, it’s somewhat of an obsession. I love figuring out the most effective means of learn something, developing streamlined processes, etc. One of the reasons I maintain this blog is to help education others, generally premedical students and/or medical students. I recommend that any and all premed/medical students should visit www.meducation.net and create an account. Do it… seriously…. right now.

I haven’t got the chance to explore this site very much yet, but the potential is what catches my attention immediately. From what I can gather, it’s a UK-based e-learning startup company. It immediately reminds me of a Pinterest for medical professionals. You can create boards and add different medical materials to them. Materials are regularly added by other members of the website and some of them are very well-done and extremely beneficial to medical education. You can also add you own materials so that others can use them to continue their own education.

Instead of me going into the details of the site, just do yourself a favor and go sign up!

Sh*t Med Students Don’t Say

Awesome video!!

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