Educational Websites

The Student Doctor Network – Forums

  • The forums of this site are a fantastic resource for all students.

  • A social network of medical education materials that everyone in medicine should join.

University of Michigan Anatomy

  • An anatomy website that all medical students should know about and take advantage of. Complete with both written and lab practicals, this site is a huge asset in doing well during anatomy.

Learn the Heart

  • An excellent resource for learning information about cardiology.


  • A excellent website for learning about dermatological conditions and includes multimedia, study tips, a blog and much more!

Primary Care Dermatology Module

  • This is an awesome resource for learning the terms used to describe types of lesions and their appearance, as well as the terms used to describe patterns/distributions associated with various conditions as well. Definitely use this resource!

American Academy of Dermatology

  • The link provided takes you directly to a “Medical Student Core Curriculum” page that has PowerPoints of skin conditions, as well as quizzes you can take after going over the material. Well-constructed presentations and quizzes!

Khan Academy

  •  Fantastic resource for high school and college students. Any premeds having trouble with a specific science course? Go here now.

Medical Humor

The ZBlogg

  • As stated on the website, “The ZBlogg contains doctors mashing medicine, music, and megalomania in an effort to educate and entertain.” Check it out for some pretty funny videos!

  • If you need some medical humor in your life, check out this website.

Medical News


  • “The leading Physician review of medical & healthcare apps” – This website provides regularly updated reviews on various healthcare/medical apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.

MedPage Today

  • Provides tons of information regarding the latest research and medical advancements.

Medscape Today

  • Provides the latest medical news.

  • Summaries of articles from the most highly acclaimed medical journals, written in an easy to understand format.

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