Obviously there are a ridiculous number of YouTube videos available that I’m sure you can find on your own, but those included below are some of the better ones I’ve found. I’ll have to come up with a better way to organize things once I’ve got more videos added, but for now they’re based by topic in alphabetical order.

YouTube Channels

IDPodcasts A lot of videos about all areas of medicine. Great resource for a variety of topics!

iMedicalSchool – Great videos to learn various topics in medicine!

Khanacademymedicine – A branch of Khan academy videos on YouTube that focuses on medicine.

MEDCRAMVideos – Great videos to learn various topics medicine!

Nucleus Medical Media – Phenomenal animations of various medical conditions and processes.

Anatomy & Physiology

Brachial Plexus – Easily my favorite video on learning the brachial plexus. Be sure to down the file on the documents page!

Organ of Corti – Great video for understanding this structure.

QRS Axis Deviation – Super easy to understand method of determining QRS axis deviation

Immunology & Microbiology

Dengue Virus – An informative video on Dengue virus that includes some helpful animations.

Dengue Virus – A great animation over the Dengue virus that is just under 22 minutes in length.

Dengue Virus Life Cycle – A great animated video that narrates process of infection by Dengue virus.

Hepatitis C – A very informative and well-animated video about Hepatitis C.

HIV and AIDS – A 3D medical animation of leukocyte function, followed by HIV and AIDs infection/treatment.

Influenza or “The Flu” – An explanation of how the flu invades cells and why specific symptoms arise.

Pneumonia – A 3D medical animation of anatomy and physiology of the lungs, as well as infection resulting in pneumonia.

Lecture Videos

Dengue Virus Lecture – An entire lecture given about Dengue Fever.

 Infections of the Eye – A full lecture on different infections of the eye.

T Cell Biology Lecture Series – A well-constructed series of lectures by the Cleveland Clinic.




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