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Medical Humor – Viruses & Antibiotics


A little medical humor thanks to a classmate of mine. Happy hump day!


Sh*t Med Students Don’t Say

Awesome video!!

Hilarious – Adults Labeling Male/Female Reproductive Systems

Adults Labeling Male/Female Reproductive Systems

A classmate of mine posted this and I felt like I had to share it. I’ve included one of the examples, but check out the link for more! Enjoy!!

Medical Love Language


The perfect Valentine’s Day image to share with loved ones.

The Innocence of Youth!

The Innocence of Youth!

The Doubts of Growing Up

The Doubts of Growing Up

Everyone has doubts about their future!

Medical School Education

People often ask what medical school is like, so I made this fun cartoon as a response. Basically, trying to learn everything they throw at you in medical school is like drinking from a fire hose. Enjoy!

Study Maybe – “Call Me Maybe” Med School Parody

Another great medical school parody video to the tune of “Call me Maybe”. Enjoy!

University of Maryland School of Medicine 2015 Freshman Follies (5/21/12)

Med School Musical – A Disney Parody – University of Alberta

Here is a good video for any premed or med students if you need some humor in your life!

The Problem with Internet Self-Diagnosis

Here is a funny and very true depiction of using Web MD as a medical resource instead of visiting your physician. A headache doesn’t mean you have cancer!

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