Renal Tubular Defects “Picmonic”

I’m a big fan of the Picmonic website, but they obviously don’t have images for every condition out there. Sometimes I like to make my own “Picmonics” as a fun way to remember things and drawing serves as a nice break from studying. Here is one I came up with for the renal rubular defects. Specifically, it’s to help remember where each defect occurs.

  • Fanconi (“Fan-of-cones”) syndrome: reabsorptive defects in the proximal convoluted tubule
  • Bartter (“Bart”) syndrome: reabsorptive defect in thick ascending loop of Henele
  • Gitelman (“Giggle-man”) syndrome: reabsorptive defect of NaCl in distal convoluted tubule
  • Liddle (“Chicken Little”) syndrome: increased sodium reabsorption in the collecting tubules

I may add some additional details to it at some point that detail the features of each condition, but for now that suits my personal needs. Hope this helps some others out there!


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