95,000 Child Study Proves That Measles Vaccine Doesn’t Cause Autism But The True Believers Won’t Be Satisfied

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via Flickr - EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protectionvia Flickr – EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

While I would have thought the overwhelming science on this issue would have put it to rest by now, it’s still controversial among some groups to say that the measles vaccine doesn’t cause autism but does protect children from measles. I know, it’s a shocking idea! Well, the Journal of the American Medical Association wants to put this to rest for good and they’ve conducted an enormous study using 95,000 children as subjects in order to check the “good science” box once and for all. Here’s the takeaway:

Conclusions and Relevance  In this large sample of privately insured children with older siblings, receipt of the MMR vaccine was not associated with increased risk of ASD, regardless of whether older siblings had ASD. These findings indicate no harmful association between MMR vaccine receipt and ASD even among children already at higher…

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