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New Podcast Episode – BUN, Creatinine & Renal Disease

Check out the latest Medical Minded Podcast episode that covers BUN, Creatinine & Renal Disease! This episode is focused on understanding BUN and creatinine lab values, as well as how they can be used to diagnose renal disease.

Also, please share any comments, suggestions, etc. for the podcast and reviews in the iTunes store would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Awesome EKG & Arrhythmia Playlist by Khan Academy Medicine!

This is probably one of my favorite video series on cardiac arrhythmias. I haven’t watched all the videos yet, but the ones I’ve completed have been great! The EKG video is also a nice introduction to the physiology behind EKG tracings if you need some help understanding that as well. This is definitely a great resource for anyone studying electrophysiology of the heart, so be sure to check it out!

In addition, I’ve added one of my favorite action potential images that can be found through Google. It’s an excellent visual representation of how each area of the heart contributes to the overall EKG tracing. Enjoy!


Top Non-Work Activities Physicians Enjoy

Results from a survey conducted by AMA Insurance have been released to show the most popular non-work activities that physicians enjoy. A quick glance at the image shows the most popular hobbies, but more can be seen in the article found here.


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