I’m back and classes have officially started!

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I last posted, and I know I was pretty much non-existent on here over the summer. In my defense, it was a much busier summer than I’d anticipated! Over the summer I volunteered at a diabetes camp, completed research that will hopefully result in a few publications, gave a presentation over my research, and most importantly, got to spend time with my wife and baby girl! It was amazing to be home with them every night, and I’m definitely going to miss being with them so much. The baby girl is growing so fast! I can honestly say there is nothing like being a parent and watching your child grow and develop.

Now that the first week of classes are over, I’m hoping to transition into study mode again and get back to regular blog updates, as well as regular podcast episodes. As you may have noticed, I decided to purchase the medicalminded.com domain address to make things more official. If you enjoy the website and/or podcast, be sure to share it with others! It’s definitely very uplifting to see you guys post comments and to see my followers continue to rise, so the encouragement is much appreciated!

I’ve got several things I’d like to post over the next few days regarding study resources, books, etc. so be sure to check back regularly for updates. Here’s to another successful year of school!


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