#1 Tip for Incoming Med Students

You’ve put in the countless of studying, shadowing, volunteering, etc. You never have to worry about the MCAT again. You are finally going to medical school. First and foremost, congratulations!

And now for the best advice that I have everyone who sees this follows – the #1 tip for incoming medical students:

Enjoy your summer break!

I know it’s not a revolutionary concept. It isn’t even an original idea. However, it is the best piece of advice you’ll hear from numerous (probably most) current medical students. This is your chance to do that “thing” you’ve been wanting to do but never had the time. Go on an adventure, read those books (not textbooks!), or visit far away relatives.

Do whatever it is that that makes you happy. Trust me… you’ll have plenty of time to get serious here soon. Quite simply, just enjoy life!


4 responses

  1. Reblogged this on Presto Medico and commented:
    The best part of the MCAT? When it’s over.

  2. I love this! I echo this advice for graduating fourth year medical students who finish rotations early. I finished in March and have been traveling the world and planning a wedding, waiting for graduation in June. Enjoy!

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