Medical Minded Podcast

The Medical Minded Podcast is official!

MedMinded Logo

I encourage everyone to visit here or go to the iTunes store and a quick search should should allow you to find it. The iTunes artwork isn’t currently working, but I’ve made adjustments so hopefully it gets updated in the next few days.

The current “test” podcast is over the pathogenic Bacillus species of bacteria and I intend to continue making more educational-based podcasts. However, if anyone has suggestions for subject matter they’d like to be covered just let me know! I’d really like some input!

This applies to premeds, med students or anyone else! It can be over educational material, writing essays, application processes, research or anything else you can think of. Hopefully I’ll know the answer and if not, I will do my best to come up with an answer!

To summarize in a few words:

Comments, suggestions, and questions are highly welcomed and encouraged!



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