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Infections of the Eye – Video Lecture

A very nice PowerPoint presentation of infections of the eye that is just under 49 minutes in length.

122 Pathognomonic Signs

Pathognomonic: distinctively characteristic of a particular disease.

Pathognomonic signs are crucial to diagnosis! They will make your life much easier and are especially helpful when completing test questions.

Here is a video of 122 pathognomonic signs:

Primary Care Dermatology Module – Great Resource!

I stumbled upon this website that teaches the different types of primary/secondary lesions, as well as the terms used to describe their patterns/distributions. There are many terms used to describe different types of lesions and this is a great resource to understanding the meaning of each of them! Not only does it give the definition of a term, it also provides images so you can see examples. There is even a short quiz after you’ve gone through the material. This will be posted on the resources page for future reference to anyone who may find it of use. I definitely recommend taking advantage of this! 

Primary Care Dermatology Module 


Image Source: WebMD

T Cell Biology Lecture Series by Cleveland Clinic

I came across a well-constructed “T Cell Biology” lecture series produced by the Cleveland Clinic while scanning through YouTube. It’s already been added to the video section of this blog and has a lot of information. Highly recommended for anything who is learning immunology or even if you just need/want a refresher.

Click the link to see the entire videos series and I’ve included the 1st video in the playlist as an example.

T Cell Biology


How Does the Flu Virus Work? – Here’s a Video Explanation

Here’s a great video by Khan Academy on how the influenza virus invades cells. It has some great mnemonics for remembering the functions of the virulence factors as well. Check it out!


Virus Mind Map

A basic virus mind map of the DNA and RNA viruses that I made. I may continue to add to it and publish a more detailed one in the future. The link should allow you to download the full PDF version. Hope it helps some people in microbiology!

Viruses Mind Map

Viruses Mind Map

Medical Humor – Viruses & Antibiotics


A little medical humor thanks to a classmate of mine. Happy hump day!

Excellent Resource – CDC Public Health Image Library (PHIL)

I recently stumbled upon the CDC Public Health Image Library (PHIL) and thought it would be an excellent resource to share with others. I’ll be adding it to the growing list of recommended websites for this blog as well.

Basically, you can use keywords to search through their image database and you’ll find a lot of pictures related to your criteria. It’s a very useful resource for anyone completing a presentation, research, etc. It’s also really nice to just look through images of stuff you’re learning about. For example, we covered tuberculosis today and a quick search yields pages and pages of pictures of cultures, X-rays, slides, lesions etc. It could be especially beneficial for any visual learners out there! Give it a try!

If You’re Involved With Medicine, Go Here!! –


I’m always on the lookout for medical resources. Honestly, it’s somewhat of an obsession. I love figuring out the most effective means of learn something, developing streamlined processes, etc. One of the reasons I maintain this blog is to help education others, generally premedical students and/or medical students. I recommend that any and all premed/medical students should visit and create an account. Do it… seriously…. right now.

I haven’t got the chance to explore this site very much yet, but the potential is what catches my attention immediately. From what I can gather, it’s a UK-based e-learning startup company. It immediately reminds me of a Pinterest for medical professionals. You can create boards and add different medical materials to them. Materials are regularly added by other members of the website and some of them are very well-done and extremely beneficial to medical education. You can also add you own materials so that others can use them to continue their own education.

Instead of me going into the details of the site, just do yourself a favor and go sign up!

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