Biochemistry Complete!

This post is long overdue since I finished classes on Dec. 13, but I’ve been taking full advantage of my Christmas break away from school!

I finished up biochemistry, which went much better than histology. I actually really enjoy biochemistry and had taken it during undergrad which definitely helped! My professor in undergrad was awesome, but very tough since he wanted to prepare all of us for grad school. Looking back, I’m so glad! It seemed like there were much more clinically related aspects to this course compared to anatomy and histology, something I enjoyed. Although there were many detailed mechanisms that didn’t exactly hold my attention, I learned a lot of interesting material.

The complexity of the body is truly fascinating. It’s pretty remarkable that so many processes can occur in such a balanced way. Each time you think something couldn’t possibly get more intricate, you learn something else that makes it even more amazing. The more I learn, the more I thank God for making the world so complex and giving me the ability to learn everything I can about it. I know many people in the field of science and medicine lose faith in God or may have never believed in Him at all. For me, each thing I learn is an affirmation that we couldn’t be here with Him guiding our creation.


4 responses

  1. God’s gonna double your blessings man,your faith is like steel!

    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      1. no problem we work for God so our mission is to build people up not destroy them like the enemy that comes insidiously ~all da best!

  2. thanks for sharing your views. From Biochemistry Den

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