My Baby Girl!

As I’ve said previously, it’s been a lot harder to keep up with everything on here since medical school started. Combine that with a newborn baby, and things can get pretty crazy at times!

My baby girl is officially 2 weeks and 2 days old today. My wife and I were blessed with a wonderful little girl who usually only cries if she actually needs/wants something. She isn’t on the greatest sleep schedule yet, but she’s definitely getting better. The one thing that she seems to absolutely despise is her car seat. She will cry for as long as necessary until we take her out of it. If she has the same persistence to meet her goals when she’s older, she will undoubtedly achieve anything she sets her mind to!

It still amazes me that I contributed to the creation of a human life. I find myself staring with awe at her little features and thanking God for sending me a healthy baby. I wish I was able to be home with her and my wife more often, but I make sure to cherish the time we do get together. I know it’s tough on her to be away from each other so often, but she’s been much stronger than she gives herself credit. She is a wonderful wife and an amazing mother!


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