An Interesting Story I Heard Today

I’m currently taking Human Gross Anatomy and fortunately, I only have another week and a half left! It’s not that I don’t like anatomy. I think it’s extremely interesting, I love learning about the body, and most obviously, it’s important to at least have a general understanding of the human body if you plan to be a doctor! However, the workload is unbelievable so it will be really nice to take a “lighter” course. 


We have physicians in various disciplines come in throughout the course to discuss their specialties. Today, we had a maxillofacial surgeon come in and go through pictures of numerous cases he’s seen over the years. There were several that stuck out, including one in which a child who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt essentially had 1 side of his face ripped off. Fortunately, surgeons were able to piece the young boy back together, although I’m sure there were some life altering repercussions.

The story that really caught my attention, as well as my classmates, was one involving a man who picked the wrong kid(s) to sell drugs to. Basically, this dealer focused on distributing to young children at schools. A dad found out about this and decided to take matters into his own hands. The dad found the guy, put a shotgun to the bridge of his nose, and pulled the trigger. Needless to say, half of the drug dealers face was blown off. The man survived the incident, but had lifelong disfigurement following hours and hours in surgery.

Hearing the story, it was one of those situations where you have such a mix of emotions you don’t even know what to think. Obviously dealing drugs is bad. Dealing drugs to kids is worse. Then again, everyone can’t just become a vigilante either.  

My classmates and I found ourselves wondering what happened to both men involved in regards to judicial punishment. Did they both go to jail? Only one of them? It was an interesting story and the drug dealer is lucky to be alive. Hopefully, he turned his life around after the incident. 


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