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I Swear I’m Still Here

So I haven’t posted in a long time, especially compared to how often I was able to post over the summer. I guess that’s just the life of a medical student! 

I’m currently 3 days into my second week of medical school and here are a few conclusions I’ve made thus far: 

  1. Med school is difficult (duh). I already knew this would be the case, but it is still worth recognizing how much effort goes into studying. I’m pretty sure every second year medical student agrees that a) it’s impossible to completely keep up with the workload and know everything and b) you need to find time to have some fun or you’ll go insane!
  2. It’s the perfect profession for me. This is obviously excellent news and not surprising to anyone who really knows me. Nonetheless, it’s nice to know I’m not going through all this with any doubts and I know it will all be worth the effort! 
  3. Having classmates who help each other makes life so much better! I know there are plenty of schools where students are in competition with each other. Sure that may ultimately be the case for me and my classmates as well. However, the truth of the matter is that 1st year scores don’t mean a whole lot in the scheme of your future in medicine. Secondly, I’d still rather develop friendships and have a good time in medical school than be miserable and feel like everything is a competition. I love being able to depend on my classmates and I love being able to help them out when I can. 
  4. I have an amazing wife (duh again!). I’m not sure if she will see this or not, but I have to say that she’s been pretty amazing through all of this. As I’ve stated before, I had to move to my medical school campus without her and we have a baby due at the end of September. Even so, she constantly lets me know how happy she is for me and is always supportive. Fortunately, my campus is only about an hour and a half from our home (as long as traffic doesn’t get to crazy) so I get to got back to visit regularly. If she does read this… love you babe and thanks for everything! 


I’ve got my first anatomy exam coming up this Friday so I’ve been studying like crazy tonight. I’ll definitely be hitting the sack here soon and continuing in the morning, because I think my brain is currently on overload. I absolutely love learning all of this material, but like I said, it’s definitely tough! I’ll try to start posting regularly again, but it will definitely be less than during the summer. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for reading my nonfiction books anymore either so until I get a break from classes, it’s probably going to be strictly school related posts or updates on my life in general. 

Time to get back to work! 


Book Review: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

I’m almost a dad! My wife is due at the end of September with our baby girl, and I start medical school on August 12. Therefore, while I still have some free time in my life, I decided to do some “educational reading” about being a dad! More specifically, I decided to read about being a dad of a little girl.

I started reading the book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know by Meg Meeker, MD yesterday evening and I already finished it today. Overall, I thought it was an excellent read and very informative. Boys and girls are extremely different, so why would raising them be the same? This book does an excellent job of explaining the important qualities a father should possess and behavior he should exhibit when raising a girl. I made a lot of highlights throughout the book that I plan to look over from time to time in the future. Although the book is aimed more at raising daughters from age 2 and up, the information was still interesting and helpful for dads-to-be (or even just guys who plan to have kids). The book seems well-researched with a pretty substantial amount of statistical data, and the author is a pediatrician who provides actual patient experiences related to the topics discussed. I definitely recommend this to any girl dads or girl dads-to-be out there!

Here are just a few of the quotes I enjoyed from the book:

“You were made a man for a reason, and your daughter is looking to you for guidance that she cannot get from her mother.”

“But I will tell you that no research paper, no textbook diagnosis, no instructions can begin to change a young girl’s life as dramatically as even a handful of interactions with her father. Nothing.”

“Daughters’ reactions to words, actions, and situations are more complex, reflective, and diverse than those of fathers. She will read a litany of possible meanings into everything you do. When you buy your daughter a bracelet for her birthday, you’ll think of it as a straightforward gift. But she will think of it as fraught with meaning, good or bad.”

“But researchers now know that some girls don’t develop adult cognitive skills until their early twenties.”

“Being a father means giving up your time without resentment.”

“Think about the kind of dad you want to be. Sure, it will take hard work. But love isn’t just about feeling good. It’s about doing what you don’t want to do, over and over again, if it needs to be done, for the sake of someone else. Love is really about self-sacrifice.”

The quotes above are actually all within the first 3 chapters too, so there are a lot more throughout the rest of the book!


Hawaiian Vacation Success!

I am officially back to the mainland after my adventures to Hawaii. We visited Kauai for a few days and spend most of our time in Maui. If I had to sum the trip up in one word it’d probably be… amazing!

I took a ridiculous amount of pictures during the trip so there is no possible way I could share all of them.  Just snorkeling accounts for around 150 pictures.

We definitely stayed busy throughout the trip and were fortunate to be able to do quite a variety of activities. A quick list of the major ones includes:

  • Visiting Waimea Canyon & hiking trails
  • Train ride tour at a plantation
  • A LOT of snorkeling at multiple different beaches
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Spearfishing
  • A Luau dinner

And more! All that and we still had a couple of days at the pool/beach at our resort even.

I’d say snorkeling were my favorite activities of the trip, and I literally spent hours in the water each day. Needless to say, my backside is much tanner than my front!  A quick word of advice for anyone who’s planning a snorkeling adventure… take a digital underwater camera! I used a Sony underwater camera I got for around $100 a few years ago and got some fantastic pictures. Digital is much better than the one-time use underwater cameras since you don’t have to worry about wasting film. This trip alone made it worth the investment!

Spearfishing was another favorite, and we didn’t even catch anything! However, we learned a lot of information. It was more like a fish information, freediving, & spearfishing adventure all mixed into one. I even held my breath for a new personal record of 2 min. 15 sec. after a quick lesson in holding your breath for extended periods of time.

Here are a few pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

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