Barefoot Running

This video demonstrates proper form for barefoot running, as well as shows the added benefits of it compared to conventional running practices. A statistic that immediately jumps out from the video is that 60 – 85% of runners are injured every year, oftentimes due to improper form while running. Multiple exercises are demonstrated that are intended to correct heel striking, as well as posture when running.

I am a proponent of barefoot running and own a pair of Vibram shoes myself. It is unbelievable how much more of a calf workout you get compared to conventional running shoes. I can tell a drastic different in the strength of my calves since I started barefoot running, and I enjoy running much more too. Although I can’t attest to any long-term benefits yet, this style of running is supposed to help prevent injuries as well (if done correctly!). For anyone who hasn’t given barefoot running a chance, I suggest you give it a try!


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