Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack – There is a Difference

I love when information is summarized into more visually stimulating elements (aka charts). Here is a comparison between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack, which are vastly different. The biggest characteristics to note: electrical complications vs circulation complications. 


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  1. Love this! I recently (unfortunately) had a relative suffer a cardiac arrest that was secondary to an electrolyte abnormality, and it was a heck of a time trying to figure out what was going on third-hand through several non-medical family members. “A heart attack that was not a heart attack” was how it was described to me . . . this is definitely a confusing topic even for very smart and well-educated people outside of the medical field!

    1. First and foremost, I’m sorry about your relative! Secondly, I definitely agree that things can get extremely confusing when information gets relayed from person to person, especially those not in the medical field. It’s very easy to get confused about subjects you have little background in even when you’re extremely intelligent. Glad you enjoyed this!

  2. Thanks for sharing – love the diagram!

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