Motorola Is Working On a Password Pill for Once-Daily Authentication — Oh, and a Tattoo, Too

This is like those crazy, futuristic sci-fi movies you watch and imagine what’d be like to have the technology used by the characters…. except in this case, it’s real life!


Let’s get real: We have a password problem.

People generally don’t use unique passwords for each site they visit. Some people just use plain awful passwords. Even if you use strong passwords, as recommended, sites still get hacked (over and over and over again).

Getting rid of passwords altogether has been heralded as a possible solution, whether by fingerprint authentication, eyeball scanning, facial recognition or any number of tactics that use your body as a unique identifier.

Former DARPA head Regina Dugan is now in charge of advanced research at Motorola. In an interview at the D11 conference this week, Dugan showed off two things her team has been working on: a digital tattoo and a once-daily pill, both of which would be used to authenticate you in some manner or another.

All Things D

She first showed off the tattoo, saying, “This is…

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