mHealth App-of-the-Month:

This is a very interesting article! I definitely think medicine will continue to develop technological healthcare applications at an exponential rate. As mentioned in the article, with the increasing demands of healthcare, these type of innovations could be extremely beneficial to healthcare works, as well as increase patient compliance.

For the Health of IT

What is the big “a-ha” moment with your end users when you first demo your mHealth application for them?

Sense.lyprovides the patient with an easy-to-use interface that can deliverremote assessments, tailored rehabilitation exercises, and dailycheck-ins at their home or on a mobile phone or tablet using natural user interfaces including a virtual avatar, speech recognition, body recognition, and augmented reality. The big “a-ha” moment comes when people realize how easy is to interact with and how simple it  is to express themselves in a meaningful manner, similar to how they talk to their doctors in the office. They’re not confused by the interface and feel like the system is actually listening to them and responding with understanding and empathy.

What problems does your app solve in healthcare?

  • Lack of patient compliance in between office and therapy visits.
  • New demand for health services due to 50…

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