Article: Touching the Future: Artificial Skin Isn’t Sci-Fi

This is a very interesting article and could lead to some revolutionary innovations in medicine. Once they determine a way to connect it to the brain, I wonder what it will actually feel like. Can it distinguish between pain/pleasure? If it does correlate excessive pressure as pain, I hope they make a safety threshold so any electrical malfunctions don’t lead to excruciating pain for the wearer! The increased sensitivity as compared to human skin could lead to some profound advances in cardiology.

Why so cereus?

Article: Touching the Future: Artificial Skin Isn’t Sci-Fi

I’m all about new medical innovations and using technology to help people with medical problems. The idea is that robots require special sensors to be able to be able to navigate around the world. I thought the short little article was fascinating, because the sensors and the “artifical” skin that is used for them could potentially lead to more life-like skin for prostetics and could lead to improvements in skin grafting. I think it’s pretty nifty, if ya ask me.

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