NYC Proposing Raising The Age To Buy Cigarettes To 21

This would undoubtedly reduce the number of smokers long-term. A short-term accomplishment would be a reduction in the number of teenage smokers due to increased difficulty in obtaining cigarettes. I think it would be interesting to obtain the opinions of longtime smokers. This is much easier to advocate being a non-smoker myself, but I would like to see more feedback from smokers. It seems logical that many smokers would discourage teens from succumbing to the same ill-fated habit as them. If this is the case, raising the age to 21 could only be deemed unjustified by a minority. Realistically, I wouldn’t think that a large number of teenagers revel at the idea of buying a pack of cigarettes so the only people truly affected would be those between the ages of 18 and 21 at the time the ban is instituted. Appease them by instituting a clause that provides exceptions to those born before 1994 and everyone is happy. I see no reason not to institute this nationwide in all honesty.


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