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Can Influenza Sorbet Relieve Your Flu Symptoms?

It’s not going to cure you but it definitely sounds like it could make you feel better! Talk about innovative symptom relief!

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Forget chicken soup or hot tea. There is a new batch of home flu remedies — and they don’t skimp on the alcohol.

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“Medicine is a …

“Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.” – William Osler

How Medicine Is Learned: Becoming A Physician

It is extremely important to remember that medicine isn’t something you learn from reading a book, attending a lecture, or watching a video.  This isn’t to detract from the obvious benefits of doing so or to dissuade someone from attending medical school lectures. These are indeed the first stepping stones to a full comprehension of medicine.  But to truly learn how to be a physician, one must dive headfirst into the pool of medical knowledge. To learn medicine, you must surround yourself with the intricate procedures, medical treatments, and ailing patients. Medicine is truly learned by experiencing and participating in it.  Medicine is learned by living it.

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