Autism Program Effectiveness

A recent article on discusses evidence showing autism spectrum disorders are most effectively treated through early and intense intervention programs.  The study is quick to point out the importance of educating parents as well in order to facilitate the needs of the child at home as well.  Furthermore, researchers admit that the programs discussed will not work for every child so there is no guarantee of success.  Further research is required in order to develop full conclusions about the children who would be most effectively treated through such programs.

Reading the article, a couple of core realizations grab my attention. 

First, it seems to demonstrate the importance of parents recognizing and seeking treatment for autism related behavior with their children.  Many parents try to reassure themselves and their spouses that their child doesn’t need developmental assistance, oftentimes neglecting signs of autism spectrum disorder.  This type of behavior is nothing to be ashamed of but should be recognized since it is merely delaying possible treatment if indeed a problem exists.

Second, parents must be sure to dedicate a large portion of their daily lives to promoting the success of their child/children, something that is true for all kids.  The article references the programs as being most effective when interventions took place for a minimum of 25 hours per week.  .  All parents should want the absolute best for their children, and  25 hours each week isn’t much when you consider the entire future of a child.

Although further research is required to validate the arguments presented in the article, it seems evident that early and intense treatment is most effective.  The rise of children diagnosed with autism demonstrates the pressing need to further research its causes and treatments.  Articles regarding autism have regularly caught my attention, and I will undoubtedly be discussing it in many future posts.



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